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By supporting the Finger Lakes Propane Storage Project Last winter, a record number of New Yorkers like you relied on propane to keep safe and warm. New York needs to do everything it can to make sure its energy infrastructure is up to date. Without increased storage, consumers will continue to experience supply constraints and price volatility year after year. Last winter alone, New Yorkers paid an extra $100 million for propane due to a lack of propane storage.

Call 518-474-8390 to tell Governor Cuomo we need more storage NOW!
Learn more: www.nypropaneadvocacy.com

We need more storage to keep your heating costs low!

Governor Cuomo Can Help New Yorkers Save Millions In Energy Costs.

Propane is not produced in New York, so it has to be transported here from far away places like Canada and the Gulf of Mexico.

In order for New York to have enough supply, we need to create an in-state strategic propane reserve. Right now, there’s a proposed propane storage facility in New York that is shovel-ready.

The Finger Lakes storage facility is critical infrastucture that will protect consumers like you from price volatility and national supply constraints.